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“AVI BUSINESS CENTRE” consists of two mirror and identical as vision and function Office Buildings, built on regulated land property of 6080 square m. with total all-out built area of 5080 square m.

The excellent location of the buildings determines the architectural- volume decision chosen to be with very simple straight lines which underline the direction and the dynamism of the boulevard.The buildings are designed with one basement (ground level – 3 m), ground floor (ground level ± 0 m) and four office floors and the last two of them are amphitheatrically. In the basement of Building No.2 is situated an underground parking with total capacity of 23 park places which is reached through a loading platform which is parallel to the local road of  “Tzarigradsko shosse” boulevard. In front of each one of the buildings there is an over-ground parking with total capacity of 40 park places, 20 numbers of which are intended for guests and visitors of the complex.

The office areas are in compliance with the highest standards for performance and meet all requirements for office class A+.

The building performance is a monolith construction of reinforced steel with brick exterior and fencing walls. The walls are with modern hydro and heat insulation. The facades represent an effective solution of hanging glass wall art and metal bordering “alpolic”. The huge cylindrical towers mark the entrance zone. The joinery work is made of qualitative aluminum profiles with broken thermal bridge and low emission glasses. The inner walls are made of plasterboard with latex covering. The ceilings are suspended raster and plasterboard with modern lightening energy saving bodies according to the Bulgarian State Standard 1786/ 1984. The mounted double floor with covering from luxurious granite and laminate allows the quick, easy and free access to the communication systems.

The buildings have central heating and air-conditioning and all rooms are equipped with heaters. The two-tube scheme of the heating installation is combined with collector distributing bodies. The ventilation is independent with integrated heat exchanger for every single office. The autonomous electricity supply is ensured by a diesel generator. For increasing the security there is a parking system for controlling the access, system for supervision, system for controlling the access in the foyer of every one of the buildings.

The daily maintenance of the whole office is provided, including:

  • cleaning and maintaining the outer regions; 
  • cleaning and maintaining the inner mutual parts;
  • all day long physical security;
  • cleaning the filters of the heat exchangers;
  • regulating and maintenance of joinery and doors;
  • maintenance of the water and drainage facilities;
  • maintenance of the air-conditioning and ventilation installations;

A green garden way is built and it is with night lightening which results in beauty and freshness and contributes to the comfort of the employees who work in “AVI BUSINESS CENTRE”. For its maintenance there is a specially integrated watering system.

The office buildings have a certificate for electricity efficiency and are constructed according to the requirements for architecturally available environment. There are park places for invalids in the over-ground parking.

Besides the easy access due to the communicative location the offices in “AVI BUSSINES CENTRE” guarantee the prestige vision of the companies which have chosen or will chose to situate their representations there.

The office areas are constructed on the principle of the module design “open space” and in this way allow optimization of the space through light fencing walls and proper grouping of the furniture in accordance with the precise requirements of the renters.

A big part of the offices are rented and the companies- renters are leading Bulgarian and foreign companies in the field of the automobile sector, the bank sector, real estates, services and trade. 

“AVI BUSINESS CENTRE” is property of the company “AVI SET” EOOD. The project is designed by a team with main designer and director architect Yuri Angelov. 

The assignee is “MB INTERSTROY”LTD and the construction supervision consultant is “SVETLOZARA DRAGANOVA-SD” EOOD.

The complex was officially opened with an exquisite cocktail on 16 June 2008.